Pendant Fixtures

Our pendant fixtures are transformed from recycled bottles into unique, handmade lamps. Adding unique textures through grinding while sand blasting the interior softens the light while bringing warm light filtered through the color of the bottle. The edges are cold worked and ground into a nice smooth finish. In the end, you'll have to remind yourself it used to be a bottle.

In addition to grinding finishes, we can sand blast designs into the exterior of the pendant. If the bottle is large enough, the inside can have designs also.

Customizing a pendant starts by choosing a bottle for its shape, size, and color. We then decide on a texture or design.  

Some of our favorite bottles for lighting are large Jack Daniels, Sky vodka, Grey Goose vodka, New Amsterdam vodka, and any of the thicker champagne type bottles. No, we didn't drink all of the contents! We have a generous network of bottle donors.

If you are interested in customizing a pendant for a kitchen, bar, or anywhere else in your home, contact us. We would love to discuss the possibilities with you!


This was made with a thicker blue bottle with a chipped texture that creates a smooth, hand scraped look.

Here is the same hand scraped effect on a green bottle.

This texture is done by chipping or grinding in a more purposeful way to create lizard skin effect.

The following are all done by sandblasting designs into different bottle shapes and colors to create unique lights.

The bottle labeling can also be utilized to make a fun statement.

As you can see the possibilities are limitless. I will continue to update with more ideas and options for unique lighting.